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Equine Yard Workshops

Fun & Learning - Organise your own yard workshop

Day workshops are now available to enable you to learn how to improve your horse's strength, balance and self carriage. Learn ridden and in hand physiotherapy techniques to take care of your horse's musculoskeletal structures. 

Exercises are tailored to the ability of horse and rider.

Your venue (Yorkshire area), on a pre-organised date, minimum groups of 6.

Price £40.00 per horse & rider (a deposit will be required). Saturdays are available but very limited.

Please contact us for further details. 



What is it all about?

Synergy is the cooperation or interaction of two agents to combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

I am devoted to not only helping horses with their body health, but creating a partnership between horse and rider to ensure they achieve their own goals, whilst creating the perfect learning experience for the horse and ensuring its body health.

In order to do this we as riders/ owners must first learn what and how we ask of the horse effects the horses body, how we ask the question of the horse correctly  and the communication in ways the horse understands. 

Synergy workshops area a way to develop and learn your skills with the horse, so you can equally communicate and achieve great steps forward together.

Workshops can be held at your own yard (for a minimum of 6 people per day). Please contact me for further details.