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Kinesiology Taping


Taping was developed in the eighties by a Japanese Chiropractor and is used today by top athletes, Premier League football players and we use a specially designed tape for horses. 

Tape should only ever be applied by a fully qualified taping practitioner.

How does it work?

Taping is used to enhance the body's own natural healing process and effects the skin, muscles and neurological system of the horse. 

By increasing micro-circulation, it allows the muscles and other soft tissue structures to be flushed of toxins. This activates the lymphatic system, allowing the toxins to be released from the body. This process re-occurs until the tape is removed. 

How can it help?

Tape can be used for a whole variety of reasons including...

  • Reducing Scarring
  • Reducing Oedema and Inflammation
  • Increasing circulation
  • Muscle Training (Excellent help for para-riders)
  • Supporting tendon and ligament injuries
  • Tension Relief

K-Tape Treatment

K- Active Equine Tape is water resistant and can be used when riding your horse. The tape usually stays in place for one to seven days and is more secure on summer or clipped coats. 

We want to ensure that your horse has the best possible treatment and therefore do insist that the horse has a full physiotherapy treatment before tape is applied. 

Equine Taping is included in the price of a full physiotherapy treatment and can then be reapplied as required for £20.00.

Please contact us for further details.

Veterinary Physiotherapy

Sometimes animals that are not always associated with physiotherapy need our help. We have treated a wide range of animals. 

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements

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Some of our previous customers


This lady had slipped on a new barn floor which resulted in two vertabrae being out of place. There was a large tissue deposit and inflammation as a result. 


This girl has a large tissue deposit on her leg, sitting very close to the joint. It had been looked at by the vet and was advised it was not cancerous so was treated by us. 


Mary is 20 years old and was struggling to walk around her paddock. She had become very depressed and had began to lose weight. She was treated by us.



George was referred to us from a vet after receiving surgery for a broken pelvis. He had also broken his tail in two places. He was treated by us and made a full recovery.

Skinny Pig (Rare breed)


This very rare breed guinea pig had received surgery for an internal organ complication. As a result his spine had curved. He was treated by us to straighten his spine.